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City of Tyler - Volunteer Tyler

Who We Are

Volunteer Tyler offers opportunities for people in and around the City of Tyler who want to use their talents, skills, knowledge, and passions to make Tyler a better place to work, live, raise a family and visit.

Our goal is to create an elite group of volunteers who serve in useful and creative ways throughout the many Departments in the City of Tyler.  These volunteers will increase the paid staff’s abilities to better respond to the needs of Tyler’s citizens and visitors. Volunteer Tyler promises to provide citizens meaningful and worthwhile opportunities to benefit themselves and the city.The City of Tyler recognizes the talents and skills of citizens within our community and encourages citizens to contribute their valuable time and talents to a variety of jobs on a volunteer basis. Volunteers can provide assistance to staff in completing projects or share their experience with staff in a team effort.

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What We Do

Our goal at the City of Tyler is to bridge the gap between citizens and City employees by encouraging you to take an active volunteer role in your municipal government. Volunteers like you ensure that the City of Tyler is providing the most efficient and quality services to the entire community.

Volunteers may serve in any City department, program or activity unless a determination is made that it is not in the best interest of the City or the volunteer.  Volunteers are never used to displace or replace any paid staff member.

Who can be a Volunteer?

  • Retirees, senior citizens 
  • High School and College students 
  • Youth aged 14+  
  • Service groups looking for projects 
  • People wishing to give back to their community by contributing their time and expertise 
  • People who want to update their skills

Benefits and Advantages to Volunteering

  • Allows citizens to perform work of value to the community. 
  • Helps foster greater understanding between City employees and the citizens we serve .
  • Provides an opportunity for citizens to work in partnership with the City of Tyler. 
  • Is a way to renew job skills, explore new career opportunities and update work experience.
  • Is a way to contribute your knowledge, skills, interest and enthusiasm. 
  • Is a way to experience community involvement. Allows citizens to perform work of value to the community.
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Contact Information

Address Information
212 N. Bonner Ave
Tyler, TX 75702
Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Contact Title: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: (903) 531-1100
Fax: (903) 531-1248
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