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Who We Are

About the Nonprofit Development Center

The day to day realities of operating a nonprofit community based organization makes it extremely challenging for nonprofit leaders, their staffs, and boards to tap into needed professional development and management resources.  For 11 years, the Nonprofit Development Center at United Way of Smith County has been a valuable resource to our community. 

The Center has a reputation as “THE” source of information and research for the nonprofit community.

Through training programs, consulting services, a nonprofit library, and other information resources and publications, the Nonprofit Development Center annually helps hundreds of nonprofit board members, volunteers, executive directors, and staff members to develop the leadership, management, and fundraising skills they need to efficiently and effectively carry out their organization’s mission.

Simply put, The Nonprofit Development Center serves those who serve our community.

So, what is the value of the Nonprofit Development Center?

What is the value of training?
Ask the executive director who just learned how to help her board recruit new members. With each learning opportunity, agency leaders, staff and volunteers are better equipped to meet the needs of our community as a whole and are prepared to function in the ever changing worlds of finance, communications and development.

What is the value of funding information?
Ask a nonprofit that just received its first $25,000 grant as a result of research using the Center’s online grant directory. Funding sources are limited and few, but with our help, agencies are better prepared to approach foundations that would be a fit for their agency. The information we provide guides the agencies to partners whose goals are similar while helping them make informed decisions about program and funding requests.

What is the value of consulting?
Ask a staff member charged with creating a new marketing plan for her nonprofit. Without a plan, agencies cannot grow and provide a better community. After all, we are all striving to make a difference, not just hold back the tide of need. With defined plans, agencies and staff are then accountable for meeting stated goals, can quantify where the need is greatest, and put in place actions to alleviate the need.

Ask yourself the value of a well-managed nonprofit, one that researches many funding opportunities, knows how to write a winning proposal, has an involved board of directors. With these tools, our non-profit agencies can make a difference and help change our communities. For every child that is safe and loved, every person who is warm and fed, and every family who has a home, there are many in the community without. This is why our agencies MUST continue to learn new ways to interact with clients and communities. They are the first line of defense and the true pillars of change. This is the value of the Nonprofit Development Center. 

Our Vision

A community enriched by effectively and efficiently managed nonprofit organizations that are able to transform the lives of those they serve, making a lasting impact on our community.

Our Mission

To support and strengthen the nonprofit sector in East Texas so that each nonprofit can improve its operations, respond to community needs, and better fulfill its mission.


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What We Do


The Center provides capacity building resources and services to improve the ability of each nonprofit organization to achieve its mission effectively and to sustain itself over the long-term.   This includes any aspect of its work; improved governance, leadership, mission and strategic planning, financial management, legal responsibility, board leadership, volunteer management, program development and evaluation, fund development, planning, and marketing.

We accomplish our mission by:

  • Educating hundreds of nonprofit leaders, staff, volunteers and board members in all aspects of nonprofit management
  • Consulting and coaching with new and seasoned nonprofits on topics which lead to improved leadership and management of the organization
  • Operating a nonprofit resource library where nonprofit leaders can seek answers and keep up to date on new trends and issues
  • Offering free access to databases of information on nearly 100,000 foundations, corporate donors, and grant making charities in the United States.
  • Guiding new nonprofits to lay a stable foundation for their new organization
  • Providing just-in-time learning through referrals to online resources and trainings, as well as social media
  • Offering peer to peer learning opportunities such as a nonprofit book club and a discussion group especially for executive directors.
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