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Humane Society of East Texas

Who We Are

The Humane Society of East Texas was established in 1963 by concerned citizens after they visited the City of Tyler’s inadequate animal impoundment facility. At that time, animals were housed in one small building regardless of the health of the animals. The Society requested that the Tyler impoundment facilities be turned over to the newly founded Humane Society of East Texas. Construction of the animal shelter was completed in 1968 and the Humane Society of East Texas’s animal shelter was opened. Sources of funding for the Humane Society’s animal shelter include Friends of the Shelter membership dues, animal adoptions, animal surrender fees, our annual fund-raisers held each spring and fall, and private donations and contributions.

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What We Do

The Humane Society of East Texas is operated under the direction of a Board of Directors and the Executive Director. The Humane Society of East Texas is an animal advocate agency. Our goal is to find forever homes for the animals at our shelter and to promote responsible pet ownership.

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Contact Information

Address Information
1823 CR 386
PO BOX 6151, Tyler, TX 75711
Tyler, TX 75708
Office Hours: Adoption Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10AM-5PM Closed 1PM-2PM for lunch Surrender Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10AM-3PM Cloesed 1PM-2PM for lunch
Contact: Gayle Helms
Contact Title: Executive Director
Phone: (903)597-2471
Fax: (903)597-0708
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