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We are a soon to be nonprofit, I only lack two volunteer board members and a volunteer corporate secretary and 275.00  that is what I have left to raise to file for our federal tax exemption. I spent 27 years working for  the state of Texas, I got a  degree in computers, including data entry and computer operations when it was time for them to "unleash" the internet, prior to that I worked on mainframes. Then in the early 90s I got a nonprofit business degree. The last 15 at the parole office working with parolees with substance abuse issues in five regions. During that time I got all the class hours for a substance abuse counselor with a 4.0 gpa and  For Fun, I trained all five regions as well as the Regional Diretor's offices how to use the laptop pcs. I have always had a great love for computers and my love and joy for them can be contagious.  I was also head of volunteer services and worked with the kids and the youth of not only our parolees, but the employee's kids as well as the neighborhood kids. Two weeks prior to testing for my counselor's licensee, well that is when our government decided to gut the fieid. Then I started work on my social work degree and maintained my same gpa, and I have three classes left to take to get that degree.  When I retired I decided to work at youth level to try and make a difference in low income, at risk, kids through Adults lives. . Especially since I was not  going to be in my office if any of our kids came there. So we are stopping  the risk taking right in its tracks. I've worked in a helping field since I was 18 years old and you just cannot stop a helper from doing what she knows and loves best and that is making someone's life better than how I found it. If you can't make a diifference in a life what is the use? That is my opinion anyway!
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What We Do

We have big plans we will be teaching fine arts education to at risk, low income, distress kids ages 7 through Adults. Along with that the youth ages 16 through adults will receive technology training and certification in Adobe Creative Suites where they will learn how to create logos, do web developement along with website creative and much more. I have found 4 reputable freelance websites where they can display their portfolios with their work along with their badges of certification from Adobe. All the portfolios I saw on these sites were Adobe certified. We will also be teaching Office 365, then partnering with Microsoft and Google to be able to create android and Window's store apps. This is a no doubt about way out of poverty. 

Not being able to throw all I have planned on them at one time, I plan for their to be spin off clubs, writers, dancing, singing hopefully a drama club. I want them to have an experience. A creative mindset to get ready for all the designs they will be doing. There will be more added as we get funding. That is the jest of it. So come be a part of this life changing experience. Your experience and guidance will be valuable to The Artist in Me and to those who will be our family.

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1220 Heritage Drive 62
Jacksonville, TX 75766
Office Hours: flexible hours
Contact: Kelly Tackett
Contact Title: CEO/Founder
Phone: 9033075326
Fax: 9033075326
Soon to be in Jacksonvillle, Texas 75766
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