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Hospice of East Texas

Who We Are

The Hospice of East Texas (HOET) is a non-profit agency that has been caring for patients with life-limiting illnesses since 1982.  We work with the patient and their families to make their journey as positive, hopeful and full of life as possible – whether they are at home, in a long-term facility, or at our inpatient facility, HomePlace. 

HOET serves twenty-three counties of East Texas.  In 2017, the organization is celebrating its 35th year!  The agency is accredited thru the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP) an independent, not-for-profit, accrediting body for community-based health care organizations.  These surveyors rated The Hospice of East Texas in the “Top 1%” in the nation in 2011! 


Hospice of East Texas has wonderful volunteer opportunities for those who want to make a true difference for hospice patients and their families during their greatest time of need!  We need caring people and friendly faces to make short visits in patient’s homes or visit a patient at nursing homes to brighten their day.  HomePlace, our Hospice facility in Tyler, also offers interesting and various volunteer opportunities.  No special skills needed – we train you well and can find the right “fit” for you within our non-profit organization!  We would be happy to come and give a short but interesting presentation to any organization, club or church group!  Visit our website for more information on our organization and even fill out a volunteer application online at: For more detailed information, feel free to call Marleen Elkins at (903) 266-3460 today!

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What We Do

The Hospice of East Texas Mission Statement:  

The Hospice if East Texas seeks to enhance the quality of life for individuals and families dealing with life-limiting illnesses, and to assist bereaved family members by providing comprehensive, coordinated care and support.

The Hospice of East Texas serves anyone with any life-limiting illness. Hospice is not a place but a kind of medical care that helps patients and caregivers focus on comfort and quality of life in whatever setting they call home.  Hospice pays attention to pain and symptoms - so patients and family can enjoy whatever time remains and benefits patients the most when they seek admission early, before a medical crisis hits.  Hospice is paid for by Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance plans.  Fear of cost should never prevent a person from seeking hospice care.  HOET never turns down anyone for lack of insurance or their inability to pay. No one is denied care from the HOET because of their lack of financial resources or life situation.   

The Hospice of East Texas Offers:

Routine Home Care

      Provided in a person’s place of residence

      Primary goal is to assist patients to remain in their homes

      Regular staff visits 

Crisis Care (Short Term)

      Provided in times of crisis to maintain patient at their place of residence

      HOET must substantiate the need for this level of care 

General Inpatient Care

     Sometimes pain, symptom management, or other needs cannot be managed at home

     HOET provides care at Home Place or contracts with local inpatient facilities 

Respite Care (Short Term)

     Provide respite for caregivers, if needed, by transferring the patient toHomePlace or another  contract facility

     Limited to five days per episode – may utilize as needed about once a month





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Contact Information

Address Information
4111 University Blvd.
Tyler, TX 75701
Office Hours: Administrative Office Hours: 8 am to 5 pm Monday - Friday HOET is a 24 hour agency. If emergency contact is needed call (800)777-9860 or (903) 266-3400
Contact: Marleen Elkins
Contact Title: Community Outreach / Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: (903) 266-3460
Fax: (903) 566-5853

Home Office:  (903) 266-3400

4111 University Blvd.  Tyler, 75701  

Longview Office: (903) 230-0606  

Henderson Office:  (903) 657-1554    

Nacogdoches Office: (936) 205-5982   

Jacksonville Office:  (903) 589-0232                                        

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